Episode #9: “As Designed” vs. “As Built!”

Teddy loved sitting in on meetings with the architect, home owners and TLC Construction Contractors as they designed the 1,800 square foot addition. It was exciting to see all the ideas the home owners has been dreaming of for years come together with collaboration to create the design! The really neat part, thought Teddy, was this addition was totally unique – no one has one is like it and it had never been built before! However, that also created a challenge for the TLC Contractors.

There sometimes tends to be a difference between “as designed” and “as built.” The most common difference is the placement of electrical switches and lights. Even when remodeling, the TLC contractors “walk the space” with the homeowners deciding how they will use this new area; where they want the switches and outlets; if they want more than one switch to turn on a light; and how they are going to use the lighting. They often use painters tape to mark the place where the switches or outlets could be. Then as they think about placements, they are easily moved.

But more challenging, especially in the case of a two-story structure and with an open floor plan, is the placement of plumbing and heating runs. Despite the best planning, sometimes it is necessary to make changes in the interior and walls to make everything fit. There was a change that took place in the master bath so a return heat duct could be created. The home owners, TLC Contractors, and heating contractor had a meeting and all worked well. Teddy loves the open floor plan and knows the head scratching is worth it!

Then Teddy has heard the TLC Contractors are wrapping the house! He wondered if they used birthday wrap, colorful wrap, or put a bow on top? Why do they even wrap it? Join Teddy and TLC Construction next time and learn about wrapping a house – without using Hallmark or a bow!


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